First Implementation

The current prototype focuses on the development of the grid/cloud-backend infrastructure (Computational Service). The test-bed is installed at the TUD and allows the trivial parallel execution of structural analyses with the ATENA solver. Currently it is controlled with a java-based user interface which will gradually be replaced by web-based components running in the browser. 

The prototype allows the upload and execution of model instances as well as the choice between different computation infrastrucures (16 core server and private grid). After successful execution the user is able to download the artifacts created by the solver (results, error logs, ...) from the grid node/server to the local client.

Control GUI for the grid test-bed

A web-based GUI prototype for the Structural Engineering Lab which supports basic management functions like user registration, creation of projects and upload of artifacts has also been developed (see screenshots below). In the next step this web GUI will be coupled with the computation backend.

User interface prototype: project overview


User interface prototype: model overview


User interface prototype: computation result view